Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Natural Light Can Do for You

Hello all!

I just loved this little group of photos I recently shot of my new little baby niece Fallon and wanted to share! I really like how natural they turned out. That is.. because they are natural! I arrived with intent to photograph my new little girl, but she was just not in the mood, unfortunately. I did these few little snapshots while mommy was calming her down before we tried the little set up. The set up went terrible.. so I may not be posting any of those.. ever lol. But I'm glad I did get these few and that they turned out so beautifully. Congrats to my brother and his amazing wife for such a wonderful new addition!! We are thrilled to have a baby in the family again!!

Photos were taken with total natural light.. just a large living room window. I used my favorite secret weapon! My 35mm 1.8 fixed focal length lens (: You can get great photos in low light situations without a tripod too! My shutter was at 1/60th and ISO was anywhere between 300-800.

Of course, I did my little tricks in photoshop as well (: I love inquiries so don't be afraid to ask!

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