Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Power of Black&White

Though the art of photography has came so far over the decades and even the past couple of years, there is no denying that there is always something magical about a black and white photo. Not every subject is made for black and white photos. Images with a lot of depth are often great for B&W. As well as images with a lot of textures. Basically, if you take an image that may appear very complex in color, black and white just has a way of breaking it down into a pure, simple form. Every time I take an image into photoshop, I always put it in B&W mainly to see what it would like. A lot of the times I like it so much better too. Below are a few examples of my work in B&W.

These photos of my puppy were perfect candidates to be placed in B&W. Reason being, the background is one solid color and my puppy is already black and white lol. These photos are what I would considered artistic B&W.

This photo I did of the girl in the car is also a perfect candidate for B&W due to the busyness of the photograph itself. Where the textures in the background created a distracting mix in color, they blend perfect in B&W. Then, you have the foreground textures. They are actually brought forth because of B&W. All of the rain textures on the seats would have been blended due to the colors, as well as the smoke wouldn't stand out either. Which would suck.. because that's a key component to me.

This photo just looks so precious in B&W! It was shot in the nursery which, naturally is all pink. Also, on top of all of the pink, the lighting made this photo so warm, it was basically orange. So, in a way, I would say that B&W actually made this photo usable. Removing all of the color makes it not so obvious that this was not actually professionally lit. 

Well folks, there you have it.. A little bit about the good ole black and white. What was the only way to photograph, into a way to stand out in a way of color. Use it wisely, use it richly. Make sure your black and white photos don't look like a wet newspaper crumpled into a ball and flattened and cut into a square. Or.. actually, that sounds like a fun project! 

Catch you later (:

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  1. Great. Black and white pictures are always look awesome.